By the grace of God we have completed 25 years of ministry in Perambur. God enabled us to celebrate the 25th Silver Jubilee on 7.1.2018 (Sunday) at 6.30 p.m. As believers, the Church family gathered to give thanks unto the Lord for God’s faithfulness and greatness. Special songs and testimony were also a part of the programme. A video documentary about 25 years of fruitful ministry was presented on that day. In spite of so many oppositions and obstacles, God’s hand encouraged us and succoured us in the ministry. We thank God for his goodness

God blessed the Sisters Banquet held on 15.1.2018 (Monday), from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. based on the theme “Precious woman.” Nearly 200 Sisters participated and were richly blessed. The special features of this banquet were Biblical exposition on the theme, special numbers, Bible quiz, skit and Group discussion. The participants committed themselves to  conduct their lives more virtuously than shining rubies and precious stones. May the Lord enable them to  shine as  beacons in this dark world.

God indeed blessed our one day Hebrew Seminar on ‘Ten Commandments’ held on 26th January 2018 in a marvellous way. It was a wonderful opportunity for the believers to understand the real meaning of the ‘Ten Commandments’ from the Hebraic perspective. Nearly 300 people attended the seminar and were immensely blessed.  Praise be to God!

God blessed our one day youth retreat in our Church held on 14th April 2018. Nearly 100 young children participated and were richly blessed. The youth were encouraged to commit their lives totally into the hands of God. Practical counseling on the topic “I will do” urged the youth to take rocky resolutions in the three following aspects: 1. ‘I will arise from sin’ like prodigal son for repentance. 2. ‘I will smite Goliath’ like David for deliverance. 3. ‘I will draw water’ like Rebekah for obedience. God promised that the young children will experience promotion instead of restoration like Joseph. All were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and surrendered their lives with tears. We pray that the youth will be blessed both spiritually and physically.

God blessed the widows meeting held in our Church on 28th April 2018. Nearly 30 widows attended. They were encouraged by the word of God and revived by the power of God. Their testimonies and songs were so touching. May the Lord protect them and supply the needs of their children in a marvelous way.

God blessed the ten days V.B.S held in our Church from April 30th to May 10th 2018. Nearly 180 children attended the same and were richly blesses. The Word of God was sown in the tender hearts of the children. We were so happy to see many gentiles’ children committing their lives to the Lord. Many of the children were touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that these young children will one day become mighty men of God. Let us continue to pray that the seeds sown in their hearts will bring forth rich dividends. Let God’s name be glorified!

God blessed the Senior Citizens meeting held on 26th May 2018 in our Church. Nearly 100 elders participated and were blessed. The testimonies and songs of the elderly people were really a great challenge to all of us. God encouraged them by the word of God and revived them by the power of God. We need them in the Church as they are the prayer warriors and pillar like supporters. Let us pray for their health, peace and happiness so that they shall live a blessed life on this earth. Praise be to God’s Holy Name!

God blessed the Holy Spirit Renewal Meeting held for the sisters in our church on 21st July 2018. Nearly 200 sisters participated. Biblical exposition on the topic “Significance of the Spirit of God” was presented. Many of them were filled with the Holy Ghost. God strengthened the sisters through the mighty power and refreshed them by the living waters. We give all the glory due unto His Name!


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